Keyboard that asks ‘Oh Why So Serious?’

oh why so serious
Inspired by the renowned writer and philosopher Marquis de Sade, designer Paul Chan, an artist at The Renaissance Society of Chicago University, has come up with a computer keyboard sculpture named “Oh Why So Serious” that seems to take on the cynical and mordant ideas of freedom, sex and pleasure forced on us. Made from plastic, the designer keyboard not just presents the keys as art but adhering to the laws of ergonomics also helps in effortless typing, and becomes a metaphor of freedom and pleasure. Challenging the conservative ideas, the keyboard featuring tombstones as keys presents a paradoxical amalgamation of gloomy obsession with pleasure and freedom. The computer keyboard sculpture is a symbolic piece from the latest collection called “My Laws Are My Whores,” which is a satire on the human obsession with laws, free will and imposed freedom and pleasure by the designer.

oh why so serious 1

Via: Walyou

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