Kettle + Mug = Kug cup heats up your beverages on the go


Good news for those suffering with arthritis. Two students from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin have come up with a revolutionary product to make things simpler for arthritis sufferers, who often find lifting kettles way too difficult. What Ben Millett and Alan Harrison have done is, they have combined the goodness of a kettle and a mug into something they call the “Kug”. Looking like any conventional mug, the Kug is a travel mug comprises of two cups. The outer container comes with a heating filament that is plugged in the base to derive electricity, while the inner removable vessel holds the liquid that is to be heated. This portable, user-friendly ground-breaking gizmo will prepare you beverage in just 90 seconds. The Kug won the duo the Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Design Award.


Via: DailyMail

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