Keep Track of Time with Unusual Wall Clocks

Traditional clocks are everywhere – in your home, your workplace, school. They tend to become boring quite fast unless they possess some attractive feature which sets them apart from the rest. Thankfully, a number of manufacturers have realized this and are now involved in the production of themed clocks which not only help you check the time at your convenience but also jazz up the walls of your house. They do not lose their novelty as fast as normal clocks and on top of that, it feels good when a person visits your house and stops to admire this piece of equipment. Not only do these clocks have an innovative appearance, but they are quite funny too.

Ganz Gala Rooster Clock

The Ganz Gala is a wall clock in the shape of a rooster with comes with a swinging pendulum along with quartz movement. It has a height of 13-3/4th inches and is composed of mdf wood. A keyhole is present by which the object can be suspended from your walls. The clock needs a single AA battery to run which is not included along with it. You can find it online at a discounted price of $33.96.

Allen Designs A DOODLE Rooster Pendulum Wall Clock

Another rooster-shaped clock to adorn your walls with, it is almost as tall as the previous model. Cold cast resin imparts durability to this wall clock which is likely to make a great gift.

Octopus Clock Mirror

This is a clock cum mirror which is available in an innovative shape. Made up of lightweight and shatterproof acrylic safety mirror which happens to be about 3mm in thickness. You can use the hook on the back to hang the clock. Requires an AA battery to operate. Goes with all kinds of environments because of its silent tick feature. However, it is not water resistant.

Kitten Wall Clock

Pop art design which depicts a quirky kitten with wiry whiskers paying attention to a mouse. High quality and durable, this wall clock is a fun way to keep track of time.

Infinity Instruments Fisher-15″ Metal Wall Clock

The clock looks like a fishbowl and even has a cat on top which seems to be eyeing the fish inside. Grab it at an affordable price of $36.

Monkey Wall Clock

This funny looking monkey is sure to be a hit with kids and will suit the walls of your kid’s room.

Melted Metal Clock

A melting faux shelf alarm clock having dimensions of 5-1/4 by 2 inches. Made of cold cast bronze, it is completely weatherproof and boasts of an antique finish. High quality quartz movement ensures perfect time.

Retro Silver Modern Metal Salvador Dali Wall Clock

Wall clock with retro design inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali. Possesses a white clock face housed within a metal body which is protected by a glass covering.

Humpty Dumpty Pendulum Wall Clock

The design of this wooden wall clock is derived from the classic nursery rhyme character. Comes with quartz movement and swaying pendulum limbs. The clock is handcrafted in the USA.

PIZZA Life Size Pepperoni Pizza with Extra Cheese

Jumbo sized Arabic numbers have been cast from cheese. The hands depicting hours, minutes and seconds are all coloured black. The clock has a diameter of 12” and is operated by one AA battery.