Keep music at your fingertips with wrist mounted piano

God created stress so man created music and trying to make it more innovative Japanese created this musical instrument that could create music at fingertips. Termed as Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano, this musical instrument is fun to use. You just have to wear it on your wrist and slip your fingers into small finger thingies and get ready to rock the music.

Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano

This little instrument is quite easy to use. You just have to press your finger against some hard surface and each finger thingy produces a unique note. Three buttons at the top of the wrist unit are provided to add extra effect to the quality of the music. It comes with three volume levels and sound banks to pump full octave music. Sound bank adds diversity to music by making this instrument produce various effects like hum of Piano at sound level 1, jingle of bells at sound level 2 and the most unique and entertaining cat effect at sound level 3.

Polyphonic nature of this instrument enables you to play music in full scale and it is powered using three LR44 batteries. The diameter of the wrist unit is 2.5 inches with 10 inches strap length. Priced at $39.99, this three in one musical instrument is real fun to have and play.

Via: Thinkgeek

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