Kazu, a wristwatch for brains that think outside the box

Design is intelligence made visible and this unique watch reflects intelligence to its core. The watch has been named as “Kazu” which means “numbers” in Japanese. The watch displays time in a puzzling way using letters in place of 0 to 9 digits. Thinking of the concept and then implementing it practically in an interesting manner was fun as well as a challenge, but Lloyd completed it successfully.

KAZU displays time as anagram

Though in the beginning interpreting time is little complex but once you get it, it becomes exciting. The top four rows display 4-digit time and date. Each of these rows has letters that structure the number in that particular row and are rotated or shrunk in a way to form mysterious looking digit, sum, temperature, etc. The interesting part is this number could be displayed in many fascinating forms to keep you entertained and engaged. Another interesting feature is it displays seven initial letters of the day in rotated numbers format displayed in the bottom row.

You can charge this watch via computer because it is USB rechargeable. The strap of the watch is crafted using animal friendly materials. The display of the watch along with the strap is present in a variety of colors. This unique design has been crafted keeping in mind brainy people, who love puzzles, mathematics, creativity, imaginative thinking, sci-fi and eccentric things. The design will be well appreciated for its modern looking cryptic display, which is simple to read.

Via: Tokyoflash

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