Just Flex It: A smart gadget to utilize your time in a fruitful manner

Just Flex It

In modern times, people spend a lot of time commuting from one place to the other. Traffic chocked roads add to the time spent in a vehicle, which wastes a lot of precious time. To help travelers utilize their time in a fruitful manner, Milena Petrova has designed an electronic device named Just Flex It.

The device looks like a smart phone when snapped but can be flexed like a tablet. It has a small as well as a large touchscreen. When the gadget is unfolded, the smaller touchscreen stops functioning, which in turn saves power. Just Flex is light in weight and will prove to be quite handy while traveling. A user can easily check mails and stay in touch with family/ friends through social networking sites. It has been given stylish yet simple looks that makes the gadget eye-catching.

What happens when you are running late for office and get stuck in traffic? This is nothing but an ‘Oops’ situation! But, not any more. The smart gadget will bring office to your automobile and make sure your work never suffers. A camera has been wedged in the device for video communication. As the name suggests, Just Flex will endow a user with the flexibility to stay in touch with the world in an ingenious manner. So, get this smart gadget in your life and keep worries at bay.

[Cheers Milena]

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