Juggler Coffee Table with colorful trays facilitates life

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Juggler Coffee Table is a dream piece of furniture. It looks good, without overplaying on the ostentations, and yet provides for a degree of ease. This Italian beauty is characterized by twin glass tops, in between which are housed three colorful trays. These trays are made accessible by rotating and sliding mechanism and can house whatever is desired at a coffee table. The wedge tinted oak trays provide display cases for your collections and at the same time are quite functional. The circular design and glass tops make it a perfect fit in any interior and its overall effect is quite unpretentious. Juggler Coffee Table measures 13.7″H 39.3″D and is simple yet elegant, modern and playful. The legs and frame are stainless steel, tops are glass, and the trays are made of lacquered oak. This piece of stunning beauty can be yours for $2,250.

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Via: Deeplymadlyliving

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