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Joseph Guerra’s Suna Broom is inspired by Zen Gardens

Even though robotic automated vacuum cleaners are all the rage in the home maintenance department these days, nothing beats the kind of cleaning that your regular bristled broom can get you. But most brooms experience splayed bristles when rested working end down and tend to get knocked over when rested from the handle. To make this problem redundant, designer Joseph Guerra has created the Suna Broom which comes with a pivoting head that allows the broom to be stored bristle side down without worrying about the bristles splaying.

Suna Broom by Joseph Guerra

Suna Broom by Joseph Guerra

Part of the designer’s finished senior year thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design, the broom was inspired by the equipment used in a traditional Japanese Zen Garden for raking the sand. Using the form of the rake and the repetitive action evoking meditative contemplation, the Suna Broom comes fitted with a detachable head that makes it easier to use with dust pans and to access distant corners.

Suna Broom by Joseph Guerra

This detachable pivoting head snaps into place via magnets that lets it be used as a long stemmed broom when large areas need sweeping as well as a hand-duster for cleaning smaller areas. The broom easily folds vertically as well which ensures that the bristles never get damaged and your broom stays perky and useful for longer.

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