John Nouanesing’s multifunctional furniture

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Multifunctional furniture pieces are the current rage. John Nouanesing has designed two exceptional pieces for Midgets that besides acting as furniture could be transformed to interior decoration pieces. Nouanesing’s first item is a three-in-one furniture model. In the unfolded state, it appears as a small white cube that could serve as a side table or as a decorative item as you desire. In the unfolded state, it divides into two pieces of chairs and a tiny red ottoman. Nouanesing’s second item is an interestingly designed fix it on the wall furniture dubbed Prikrepi is on the wall, which has been created for children. The small coffee table with four cushions could also serve as a wall hanger. The detachable legs of the coffee table could be removed and the abstractly designed platform could be hung on the wall.

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Via: Novate

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