Jo Ge watch concept tells time with three round bars

sam jerichow joge watch concept1

There is a wide assortment of time pieces when it comes to opting for a wrist watch. Market shelves are flooded with ample of wrist watches from the most luxurious ones to the very typical types. However, designers do not stop to show their expertise with the new innovation each day. Taking out a leaf from the trend, here is yet another watch concept by Sam credited as “Jo Ge”. The time piece with three vertical rounded bars, move up or down to display time.

The time depends on the position of the bars, where first bar shows the hours, the second bar shows 10 minute group and the third bar shows single minutes. The case is made of matte plastic that blends into the straps as well, and the strap locking mechanism comprises two plugs that are pressed through two holes. The markings are pretty simple to make out the time and these sleekly designed watches come in range of colors.

sam jerichow joge watch concept
sam jerichow joge watch concept2
sam jerichow joge watch concept3
sam jerichow joge watch concept4

Via: Tokyoflash

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