Jewel-Elegance-Sport watch with three distinct identities

jes watch grgory boucly1

For some of us, a watch is just another gadget to keep ourselves versed with time, whereas for others, it’s an accessory to complement their personality. So, for all those watch lovers who adore maintaining the status of luxury brand, this watch is the just right luxury statement. Designed by Grégory Boucly, the watch is called Jewel-Elegance-Sport (JES) and is a timepiece with a semi-rigid bracelet. It touts different style with simply modulating two elements and three distinct units. Each part of the watch including the dial portion is detachable, that turns it into a beautiful bracelet for any event. Still a concept, the watch is more of an exquisite functional accessory than a timepiece to enhance the look of your outfit.

jes watch grgory boucly
jes watch grgory boucly2

Thanks Grégory Boucly

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