Jellyfish Submarine: Futuristic waterway by Taizo Doi

futuristic submarine by taizo doi
Building of submarine dates back before the 19th century but it was World War I that saw extensive use of this waterway. Mostly used by the navy, submarines are extensively used in exploration and pipeline inspections. Changing time, technology and fascination to create something new has always made humans to reform its original structure. And the latest one happens to be Taizo Doi who has come up with this futuristic submarine. Doi wanted to have his submarine in a design that would look like a creature in the sea and therefore he came up with a submarine that is designed like a jellyfish.

jellyfish submarine

Well, have a view of this jellyfish submarine. Wondering where would the travelers have their seats. So Doi has made the top section for passengers, as it would help them to see lovely 360 degrees view of the deep blue sea. No doubt, the ‘jellyfish’ shape is an excellent innovation that would give a complete look of nature, deep within the sea.

Source: Tuvie

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