Jawbone Up wristband tracks your eating, sleeping and fitness habits

Jawbone Up

The Inspiration

The Jawbone is a well known brand in the world of Bluetooth headsets, but now it has gone a step higher up the ladder and produced something quite revolutionary and extraordinary – the Jawbone UP. This stylish armband/bracelet like device keeps a tab of all your activities and is to worn at all times to get a correct picture of your daily habits and the quality of your lifestyle. It seems to be inspired by the idea of creating a better lifestyle by means of knowing your habits better and informing you of all that you need to know to have a fitter life and better health. Its built in sensors allow you to keep a tab at not just your lifestyle but also how you sleep. This awesome Jawbone UP is available in the markets of US at an affordable $99.99 price tag.

The Design

This stylish UP bracelet is not made from plastic as most people generally believe. It is made from a spring steel frame that has been encased in sweat proof, durable, hypoallergenic, water resistant rubber which is not just comfortable to wear, but is also very stylish and water resistant till a depth of 1m. This bracelet has been designed to be worn at all times, even under showers, but is not recommended for swimmers, since it cannot function well underwater and ceases to be waterproof below the depth of 1m.

The Fabulous

The rubber encased UP bracelet contains an advanced precision motion engine that tracks every step that you take and also monitors your sleep patterns, like how long and well you sleep, and how long does it take you to actually fall asleep after you hit the bed. This UP bracelet is designed to be permanently adorned on your hand 24 x 7 and once fully charged (it takes about 2 hours to get fully charged), the bracelet’s battery can last up to 9-10 days, allowing you the peace of mind as you don’t have to charge it again and again. It can be easily synched with your PC and iPhone and you can share all the data recorded with your friends.

The synching of this bracelet is however not yet been done with the social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, and this a big setback for all those who wish to share all their updates online, but looking at the trends, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if this problem is taken care of very soon. One of the most fabulous features of this bracelet is that you can set alarms for the mornings so that it gently vibrates on your arm to wake you up, and on monitoring your sleep patterns if it concludes that your sleep isn’t in the REM, a little before the pre set alarm time, it will wake you up before schedule without causing any discomfort.

You can visually see all your sleep patterns in the form of graphs by means of the free UP iOS app. This bracelet also allows you to compete with your friends in unique ways like, who walks the longest distance in a day, or who has a better sleep pattern, for this all you and your friend need to have is the UP bracelet and get their data compared. Its unique GPS sensors also allow you to accomplish self created challenges like walking a certain distance in a day. You can also use it to track other UP users running routes on the GPS maps and try to best them.

The Target

The target customer range for the UP bracelet is the present generation that is tech savvy and knows the value of health but trapped it the fast paced lifestyle has no time to looks after its health. This device gives you the opportunity to know yourself in a better manner and not only monitor but also to help you lead a better life. It is also good for all those who may have health problems, and requires knowing the specific details about how they sleep or what they eat. This device is all set to revolutionize the world into a place where people are more aware of what the best is for them, what food is best for them and what is the best sleep time and duration for them.

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