Jaryn Miller’s coffeemaker for a simmering cup of coffee

coffee maker by jaryn miller

It’s raining outside, and the best company in such a situation is a book plus a steaming cup of coffee. But whenever one thinks of sipping a nicely prepared mug of coffee, all we think about is heading toward some famous coffee joint. This means enjoying the rainy weather sitting quietly on your balcony or beside the window take a backseat. Jaryn Miller has designed a coffeemaker which will pour you a simmering cup without any tantrums.

The coffeemaker has been crafted in a simple yet elegant manner. This curvy machine has been designed using Alias industrial design software. The machine has dispensers fitted to it. Pour out fresh and hot coffee from the spout, which will give you company, by pulling down the large dispenser, which is coffee colored as well. But if you like your coffee with a lot of crème, then simply pull on the other dispenser. Not only this, the dispenser will bow down to each and every coffee-related demand and all you have to do is order. The coffeemaker not only brews great coffee but is also very eye-appealing. Its clean and sleek façade will dive into your heart in no time.

So, next time when it rains there is no need to run till a coffee shop to seek perfect company, as Jaryn Miller’s coffeemaker will give you a wonderful partner in the form of a steaming coffee cup in no time.

Via: Jaryn Miller

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