Japanese ZecOO Electric Bike brings your anime fantasies to life

We’re not sure what the anime/manga genre means to a native Japanese/Korean person, but for people from the rest of the world, the region’s obsession with fictional animated characters and objects can be a bit baffling. However, there are times when anime/mange derived creations can be truly stunning and this electric motorbike called ZecOO is the perfect example of what happens when fiction inspires real life.

ZecOO electric motorcycle

The retro-futuristic looking bike is notable for its distinctly anime lines with its jet fighter sketching-like aesthetics and unconventional design that makes it look like it flew right off the pages of a graphic novel into the streets. With a massive, hard to overlook front suspension and the extruded gauges, the bike is definitely not something that you see the average custom chopper maker create and must we say it does appear to be quite a breath of fresh air in the otherwise dated custom motorbike scene. Created by Japanese design studio Znug Design’s Kota Nezu, the bike was displayed at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and brings rare touch of timelessness to the otherwise often uninspired world of electric motorbikes.

The ZecOO Electric Motorbike weighs a massive 245kg but its creator insists that it’s still quite fun, fast and silent to drive. Even with an unspecified drivetrain, the vehicle has a top speed of 75 mph and can last a good 55-85 miles on a full charge. The vehicle’s battery pack takes just six hours to fully juice up via a retractable power cord which is not too shabby given the size of the vehicle. For now, the bike’s makers has revealed that the vehicle will be offered in a limited production run with each unit of the stunning bike being sold for JPY 6 million yen or approximately $70,000.

Via: Gizmodo

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