j-bike, a bicycle with a cordial portability clause

j bike 2

She is hot, isn’t she? We have seen the fold-up bikes before, and we really appreciate their ease of portability while on the go. If you like the idea of carrying your bicycle under you arm, the j-bike looks to be a trendy solution. Michael Soluyanov has designed the j-bike as a part of his degree project, which has received the recommendation of the department to participate in the upcoming design contests. When in normal condition, the j-bike measures 1600mm in length, which is reduced to 860mm when folded. Even the width is reduced significantly from 560mm to 340mm. The thing I like about this bike the most is its stylish make. Folding bicycles are getting quite popular with designers these days, and we simply love it.

j bike 1j bike 3j bike 4j bike 5j bike 6

Via: DesignEt

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