ixperanto Video Conference System speaks a different story with it’s ideal design

Teleconferencing can be really boring at times, even distracting to some extent. Given the different shapes and sizes available in the market, there is not much to choose from in terms of aesthetics and designs. However, the latest ixperanto Video Conference System speaks a different story altogether.

ixperanto Video Conference System

The body of the contraption has been built with rounded edges, letting one add an extra advantage of remaining focused on the screen only. The camera has been fixed at eye level, making the projections all the more clear and accurate. The added advantage of fixing the camera at this height has ensured that it can be moved about 10x in each direction, covering a greater span in terms of distance. Given the authentic display, it feels as if you are communicating with the other person not via the teleconferencing device but in person.

The whole device has been crafted out of Corian, and carries forth a design which makes it look like one piece only. Such is the technology imbibed in the ixperanto Video Conference System, you will never realize how many pieces have actually been fixed together to form the perfect shape and size. The base of ixperanto has been fixed with Class D amplifier while all the cables have been neatly ensconced within the pedestal giving the whole idea a very neat, yet soulful look.

Via: Proctrl

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