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It’s only a Paper Moon, but with cozy illumination

In a collaboration with Italian designer Federico Vota, Lachimica Berthollet, NOPX and Limited Edition Pics, an exhibition named “Progetto Usomano I/IV” is taking place at the Italian NOPX Gallery. A light called “It’s only a paper moon” has been showcased by Kazuhiro Yamanaka, a designer based in London in the exhibition.

Paper moon lamp

The exhibited pendant light has three basic elements, a hanging bare bulb, a clothing pin and a paper piece. The lighting component is attached to a big wooden peg that is also used to hold the rolled lampshade in place. The intensity of the light, which depends upon the size and type of the paper, can also be customized as per the choice of its user. The exhibition is the first of the four events devoted towards international design in which the participants were asked to submit a project that suggests environmental significance and defines distinctive part of the home.

The pieces of design exhibited are chosen from the International competition “Autoprogettazione 2.0: on display by Domus.” Along with Kazuhiro Yamanaka, works of Zanoti Design Studio, Lorenzo Marzoli and Victor Zanotti from Manzi are also been displayed. The light design will be displayed until 27 May, 2012.

Via: Designboom

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