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iTree is a massive iPod stand made from an entire bark

iPod and iPhone accessories are all game for the going green mantra. Here is another design that makes Apple knick knacks toxin free and eco friendly. The enormous iTree speaker system will have you staring mouth agape. Made from the trunk of an entire tree, this one makes it a point to flash across its clean and green design. The dock was designed by Portugal based KMKG studio in collaboration with speaker manufacturer Trenner & Friedl.

iTree is an iPod Docking Station.2

The design is jaw dropping and exquisite. The acoustics from this one will tear down the roof. The tree trunk has been hollowed and the mounted with hi-end speakers. The sound deflecting from the speakers which are mounted at the back is resonating and thundering. The expansive and spatial sound experience mimics the working of a piano or violin. You can choose the design in poplar, spruce or cherry and even bring a tree that was chopped down in your backyard. The piece is hand crafted by carpenters in southern Austria.

Although showy and pompous, really wondering if despite being eco friendly, this design is sustainable. So much wood used for making just one stand does stand for excessive consumption. But if parading trappings and gloating over belongings is your style, then you can take a look at it. The design and layout are worthy of the bold and loud statement the piece makes.

Also, you might want to take measurement inside your house before you stash this piece. Because even if you live in a king sized mansion, you have to think about niceties like movement and traffic flow before you station a full sized piece like this one. Which definitely means that modest and unassuming proletariats can forget about buying it. As it is, a price of €11000 or $14982 is out of their humble reach.

Via: Inhabitat

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