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iThrone iPhone Dock & Sound Amplifier is a real work of art

iPhone speaker docks are a dime a dozen in the market but very few of them actually look good when the phone is not docked in them. The iThrone iPhone Dock & Sound Amplifier by Los Angeles-based Unicorn Design Studio looks to provide an alternative to the problem via an aesthetically pleasing design that is as functional as it is sculptural. To user the iThrone as a charging stand, simple plug in your phone’s charger to the device and dock your phone.

iThrone: The almighty iPhone Dock & Sound Amplifier

To enhance the sound from your iPhone’s speaker, simply place the phone in the cradle, sit back and relax as the iThrone naturally enhances the original sound of your Apple device without distorting it. What makes the iThrone iPhone Dock & Sound Amplifier such a great companion to your iPhone is the fact that it allows you to make video calls completely handsfree and can be adjusted at an angle that perfectly frames the view of your face.

To counter the problem of an empty dock sticking out like a sore thumb in an otherwise carefully home or office, the iThrone iPhone Dock & Sound Amplifier’s sculptural structure has been designed to look like a miniature regal throne. The tasteful, minimalistic and artistic design of the iThrone accentuates the decor and looks just as good with the iPhone cradled in it.

Via: Kickstarter

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