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Itheann: Futuristic LED watch that bites time

Living upto his own imagination and belief, Sam, a designer from Germany has made this astounding time eating conceptual watch named as Itheann. The watch has striking looks, simple display and helps you to track down time. The C shaped case looks like a mouth full of teeth, which is stylish and abstract in its own way. The symmetrical design allows you to wear it with the opening in both right and left side.

Itheann  LED watch

As it is a 12- 5-9 watch, three linear LED arrays tell the twelve hours, the five ten minute increments and the nine single minutes. Making it easy to count every third LED is bigger and at the very end of the time display it has an extra LED to indicate pm. A biting animation is played before telling the time and after five seconds; the LED display gets smaller looking like as its being swallowed.

According to designer, it was the quote, ’Time is a predator that stalks us all of our lives,’ which made him think what if it’s true. The only difference will be that time is actually a prey as it keeps on running and is consumed by the things and activities we do and hence, this very thought became an inspiration behind this time biting watch concept.

Via: Tokyoflash

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