Italian waterfront skyscrapper expected to animate downtown Rimini

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Sky scrappers seem to be popping up like zits these days; the difference is, we love and support the sky scrapers springing up. The architects are getting so creative these days, that sky scrappers are beginning to shed their reputation for being drab alienating structures, and are starting to ‘come alive’ with their intricate curves and flexes, creating inviting landscape features. The city of Rimini in Italy just got itself allocated one of these sexy towers courtesy of Foster + Partners architectural firm. The building is sited on the city’s seafront, where the designers and city personnel hope it will create a lively link between the seafront and the town center.

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Based on the delicate beauty of the structure, the Federico Fellini movie museum, and the integrated hotel, it seems very likely to infuse the life the proposers desire for the seafront. One cannot help but notice how this building resembles a giant steel peanut. While we’re on the subject of resemblance, it is difficult not to see similarities between this building and the epoch making Burj Al Arab hotel tower in Dubai. The pier extensions, and the location slightly off the coast seem all too similar. That said, whether inspired by the Burj Al Arab or not, this building is set to make a mark of its own in world architecture, and I’m sure the people of Rimini are already looking forward to its construction.
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Via: Contemporist, Skyscrappernews

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