‘Itaasi Wallclock’ appears like a Lil splash of colors

itaasi wallclock

Nature has always been a big force of inspiration behind human designs. Its various forms like trees, rainbows, skulls, clouds et al. with their uncanny forms and shapes have made way to various novice designer creations. And one cursory glance at Itaasi will make it all the more clear.

A concept of a development study, Itaasi in the first place is a clock to be hung on the wall but has a raw impression involved in it. The inspiration behind this unique clock is of the clouds and fragments that escalate the beauty of any plain decor. However, the star attraction of this wall clock is its moving surfaces and reflectors that forms like a hue of colors when put on a wall. You can also sync it with your digital calender, and not miss on any important meeting or appointments flashing on its surface.

itaasi 2

itaasi 4

itaasi 5

itaasi 6

Via: Enginkapkin

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