iPhone Scuba Case by TAT7 lets you take your iPhone underwater

If you thought this cool waterproof iPhone case was going to give you access to a whole new world of apps that are made especially for under-the-sea explorations, prepare to be massively disappointed. The iPhone Scuba Case by TAT7 is waterproof to 30m but only lets you access your phone’s camera when you actually shut it in and take the literal plunge.

Underwater iPhone Case

The default camera app is launched and operated via three mechanical buttons strategically placed for the purpose but that’s about all the fun and functionality your iPhone is gonna have once you take it underwater with you. The three buttons let you access the camera app’s photo/video switch and shutter button, launch apps positioned at the lower right edge of the screen and operate the home button.

To use, all you have to do is slide the phone into the case and shut its end to seal the phone in without any possibility of you being able to use swipe gestures to unlock the screen or access the phone’s keypad. A wrist lanyard keeps the case with your iPhone in it secured to your arm so you don’t have to get your wet suit custom fitted with a pocket! The iPhone Scuba Case by TAT7 costs $85 only.

Via: Gizmodo

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