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iPhone powered ‘Night’ mood light discourages cellphone usage in bed

How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night to check a text message or an email on your iPhone and found yourself unable to go to sleep again? Even though it seems like checking a text couldn’t take more than a few seconds and couldn’t possibly have any adverse effects on your sleeping habits or health, the fact remains that people who cannot resist the urge to use their cellphones in bed are more likely to become light sleeper than those who keep their phones turned off at night. The iPhone-powered “Night” Mood Light by designer Douglas Wood is an innovative new tool that can help discourage users from keeping their phones switched on during the night.


The Night basically serves as a mood light when the iPhone is inserted into it. Through the night, the mood light glows softly while it charges your phone. However, when your phone receives a text or an email, the Night begins vibrating and flashing brightly which is sufficient to wake you up very quickly.

The basic idea behind such a seemingly pointless creation is that though most users don’t mind being woken up by the gentle vibration and flash of their iPhones, an amplification of the same effect won’t be as desirable and would discourage users from replying to texts or emails received during the wee hours of the night, which in turn would also discourage the user’s contacts from texting or mailing them during the night. We’re not sure if it really helps one get over their iPhone addiction but we’re sure that after a few nights of being rudely woken up by the “Night”, users will either give up using their phones at night or throw this mood light out the window.

Source: Mr. Douglas Wood

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