iPhone Plus takes the iPhone legacy up by a notch

As the iPhone begins to make minds wander, the iPhone 5 is already doing the rounds of the gossip columns. This is not all, for Apple is all set to launch its new version phone later this year, already titled as the iPhone Plus. The concept is pretty unique, and caters to mainly what the users want the phone to have rather than what has been revealed.

iPhone Plus

If word of mouth is to be believed, the new conceptual phone is believed to be a struck off in terms of the width and the size. iPhone Plus is expected to have a Liquidmetal body, all created without any uncomfortable junctions in between. Giving it company would be a 4.3” retina display with an in cell technology, a double coated alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass and an A6 Quad Processor. However, what sets it truly apart is the 10 MP rear camera and a front facing 2 MP camera with enhanced capability to shoot pictures.

The truly enthralling feature of the phone is the Pico projector which lets you cast photos and videos on any possible surface, making it a more desirable product rather than a reality. Given the stats, it is possible that Apple may end up compromising on the Home button, making it invisible to the maximum extent possible. However, that remains to be a figment of thought, till the time the new phone is actually unveiled.

If these features are actually a part of the new iPhone legacy, then the people certainly have a lot to look forward to in terms of design, variety and definitely quality. Here’s giving it a rest to all varying thoughts, till say October, which seems to be revealing date for the new prototype.

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