iPhone Beamer can project movies on a wall

Created as a design study for an application to the Department of Industrial Design (HGK Zurich) at the University of Zurich, the iPhone Beamer Concept by design student Andreas Bhend is one of the more refreshing iPhone-based concepts that we have seen in quite some time. Instead of simply being a case for the iPhone that comes with a projector upfront, the Beamer allows users to use the laser mini-beam to project content like games, videos, photos and applications directly on a wall in front without requiring an additional piece of hardware.

iPhone beamer

The projected image will be fully interactive as well. Controls for the projector are provided along the edge of the frame and access the functions of the phone externally. To make using the iPhone Beamer simpler for the average user, the designer has provided it with just a very few basic control buttons including a plus and minus button that can be used to enlarge the projected image.

A special “Rec and Play” function allows users to test their creativity with the projected images. The projector allows users to make video calls and watch movies without straining their eyes. The Beamer is also fitted with its very own set of rechargeable batteries that can be used as a backup to the phone’s power system and can be used to recharge the phone if needed.

[Thanks Andreas]

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