Five best iPad docking stations with built-in speakers

iPad docking stations


For iPad’s, docking stations is not an accessory. It is the perfect solution for giving you holistic pleasure of using your iPad. It comes boosted with built-in speakers, woofers, alarm function and a remote control. Soon unimaginable varieties of utility might be integrated to provide with a far better functionality. For now, let us check out how the docking system and iPad are evolving with every different brand giving its version a new dimension.

1. Dragonpad docking station with built-in speaker for the iPad


The yet to be priced Drangonpad docking system from iPad has four 5W built-in speakers that take you to a new level of contact level with your favorite music. You can also play FM videos using this docking station or use it for setting alarm reminders. It can be simultaneously charged and synced with the computer. This latest model has recently been showcased at the Hong Kong Electronic Fair Spring addition in 2010.

2. WowWee Cinemin Slice docking station with built-in speaker for the iPad

WowWee Cinemin Slice

The WowWee Cinemin is a docking station for various Apple products like iPad, iPod touch, iPod Nano, and iPad Nano that comes with a speaker system and an integrated portable projector. The Projector is capable of displaying a 1.5 mm image size with 854*480 resolution, 16 ANSI lumens brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 90-degree hinge and lastly, it has a manual focus function. Along with the above, you can directly connect your media player, computer, etc. with the dock since it comes fitted with a mini HDMI, AV ports and VGA port. You can purchase it now for $429.99 USD.

3. Philips Fidelio DS8550 iPad speaker dock

Philips Fidelio DS8550 iPad speaker dock

Dock stations for an iPad would imply fitting of the iPad into the dock with a connecting pin. Here is good news, the latest Philips Fidelio speaker dock comes with Bluetooth connectivity and music, and sound can be streamed without the typical locking connection. Having many similarities with the Philips Fidelio DS8550, it can be used for iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It comes with an add-on app that would allow you to customize your music with a 5-band equalizer. To give you a more pleasurable sound, there are two 3” full range woofers with 2*5 RMS stereo outputs. In UK, retailers will charge in the bracket of 182-255.99 pounds.

4. Haier Flex Docking Station with built-in speaker for the iPad

Haier Flex Docking Station

As the name suggests the Flex Dock is engineered with ergonomic dynamics, allowing the user to adjust the iPad in three different directions. The user can switch form portrait or landscape views easily through docking for reading or watching movies, respectively. Not to forget about the sound aspect, this dock too comes with built-in speakers and can be docked with media players and computers.

5. Haier’s Versatile View XL iPad Docking Stations

View XL iPad Docking Stations

The IPD-01 – Flex and IPD-100 – View XL are two new dock stations with different flexibilities. The IPD-01 Flex can be adjusted in three different positions for typing, reading, and watching movies, i.e., ergonomic, portrait or landscape views. It comes with built-in speakers and a remote control. The retail price of this flexible dock is $79.99.

As for the IPD-100 – View XL has a video output component that can be connected with your TV and hence, you can view movies. Other features constitute 25W speakers with a FM tuner, MP3 connectivity, and adjustability to portrait or landscape views. The retail price of this dock version is $129.99.

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