iPad case makes the basic aircraft look very posh indeed

To improve the appearance of a basic Ultra Lite aircraft and to reduce the drag its existing structure produces, Aussie designer Scott Finnis has created a new set of fairings that comes with an iPad case as well. The basic purpose of the fairings is to provide additional storage space to haul supplies during longer flights while improving the overall look of the basic aircraft. The iPad case mounted in front of the pilot’s seat allows weather and engine statistics to be easily checked during flights.

Ultra-Lite fairing and iPad case

Under the user’s seat, two drawers have been fitted that can be used to hold drinks, a handheld radio or other smaller items. The main storage space has been constructed in the underside of the craft and can be accessed via the side panel. This compartment is large enough to accommodate camping gear or other larger bits of cargo.

The iPad case is yet another refreshing addition to the design and can be used to keep an eye on the stats of the craft during flight. A sealed camera window allows the pilot to capture videos and photos during flights. The fairing is designed to be fitted onto all kinds of existing ultra lite crafts and is suited to crafts of all sizes as well. A telescopic neck allows the fairings to be suitable for users of all sizes as well.

[Cheers Scott]

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