iOS music docks from Sony are a perfect blend of style and function

Sony has earned a great reputation over the years and giving it an all new lift are its all new iOS docks. There is a sea of accessories available for iPhone and iPod, but these two docks, namely the CMT-V75BTiP and the CMT-V50iP, from Sony will rev up the listening experience further. These Hi-Fi systems with a dock come smothered in a lot style, which will ornament the house further. Minimalistic designing and a smooth outer facade add to the product’s beauty further.

iOS music docks

The embedded dock will work well with Apple products, including iPod, iPad and of course iPhone. Listen to clear and distortion free sounds as you dock the desired gadget, thanks to the Magnetic Fluid speakers. The speakers are very portable and won’t consume a lot of space in the house. This means that these systems can be easily shifted from one room to the other without a lot of fuss. The speakers come sans any dampers, which give these speakers a slim and sleek look.

The gadget will give you access to thousands of tracks trapped in your Apple device. A user can stream music without getting entangled with wires as the CMT-V75BTiP features Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from this, the presence of DAB and DAB+ radio will make sure you never miss your favorite digital radio stations. On the other hand, the CMT-V50iP features USB connectivity, which will let you savor music stored in memory cards/sticks, MP3 players and cell phones via a USB cable. These stylish presentations from Sony will become a favorite amongst music lovers.

Via: The Verge

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