Ion Workstation makes the office space more cubicle free and worker friendly

Anybody who has ever worked in an office would tell you how cumbersome it can be to sit in a cubicle all day surrounded by bulky computers, phones, a ton of files, folder and other stuff that leaves little room on the desk when you actually need to use the space. Moreover, for every staff meeting, group discussion, coffee or lunch break or even a process like copying and scanning documents, office employees have to leave their desks and move to yet another part of the floor (or building) to get this work done. The Ion Workstation by designer Chris Goodenbour is an alternative solution to the traditional cubical system used in offices to provide an interactive and employee-friendly space for workers.

Ion Workstation

Fitted with a bunch of touchscreen surfaces, the Ion Workstation is designed to make the office layout more ergonomic and productive with walls that go up and down on demand. It allow workers to retract walls when they need to have a meeting over an open desk so that they do not need to move themselves and their files to a meeting room to exchange ideas and paperwork. All the work surfaces in the Ion Workstation feature touch-enabled technology like the Microsoft Surface that form the three walls of the cubicle, the desks as well as the actual work surfaces. This allows employees to sync their portable devices like tablet computers or smartphones and even data storage devices to instantly sync with the touchscreen surface to simplify the process of data sharing and transfer in an office.

Since all the surfaces are composed of touchscreens, the need for equipping an office with computer monitors, keyboards, scanners and projectors becomes redundant and frees a lot of space in the otherwise cluttered offices. Created keeping in mind the needs of the design-intensive offices like fashion houses, advertising agencies, print publications and even financial institutions that rely heavily on data presentation, the Ion Workstation features a Wacom Cintiq-like drawing tablet technology that is coupled with a “Drag and Drop” function which allows workers to digitally “pin” notes, “post its”, reminders, memos and even drawings and sketches on the walls of their cubicles which can later be shared with others when needed.

The retraction function of the walls of the Ion Workstation cubicle works just like a car window. With all the cubicle walls down, an entire office floor can be turned into a conference room or groups of cubicles can lower their shared walls to interact with each other and pass notes digitally. The wire-free Ion Workstation is also designed to be Bluetooth ready to make data exchange even easier and helps offices save electricity as well as office space.

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