Ion Wireless Air Mouse Glove substitutes mouse for a ninja PC gamer

Here’s a product that looks awesome on paper but in real life, using it is probably going to turn your brain to fudge. The reason why we say this is because though this nice mouse claims to make gaming and computing simpler by allowing users to use intuitive wrist and hand movements to make PC gaming a breeze. And even though the glove mouse comes with a pause button, the company hasn’t unveiled any features that assure us that the glove mouse wont register inputs when you accidentally use your predominant hand for common unmindful bodily responses like holding your hand up to your face when you sneeze or bringing your hand up to your eye when something suddenly falls in your eye or even when someone standing behind hands you something and you immediately reach out with your predominant hand to accept it.

Ion Wireless Air Mouse Glove

Anyhow, since you’re going to be practicing how to control an on-screen cursor with simple wrist and finger movements, we’re guessing you’re also going to spend some time practicing ninja-like self control to use your non-predominant hand to react to involuntary physical actions or make sure you hit pause every time you feel your gloved predominant hand responding to being poked in the eye unexpectedly by a mischievous fly.

The mouse replacement lets your wrist, fingers and hand control all the functions of the mouse including scrolling, right and left clicks and has a USB-free wireless range of 35 feet so you can hit pause and safely eave your desk without having to take the glove off every time. The Ion Air Mouse Glove costs $79.99 though you might have to pay a little extra for ninja self-control classes.

Via: Slashgear/ Everything USB

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