ION Electric Sportbike vrooms at 81mph

ion 3
Fully electric design uses no fossil fuels, provides no emissions, makes very little noise and requires minimal maintenance to operate all without sacrificing performance. Yes, I’m talking about the “ION Electric Sportbike” by Tom Miceli that generating power from 24 Thundersky 40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (in series, 84 Volts, 2000 life cycles) can reach the top speed of 81 mph. Featuring an on board computer with touch screen display, single speed, regenerative braking, the electric bile includes 46 hp motor and weights about the load of a modern 600 cc sport bike. LED lighting provides exceptional visibility while drawing less power and having a much longer lifespan then halogen lamps. Streamlined ferring design minimizes air resistance improving the bikes top speed and acceleration. The ION’s motor and batteries are positioned in the bottom of the lower ferring to provide a low center of gravity and excellent balance. The Sportbike takes 6 Hours to fully charge on 120 VAC, which is good enough to cover the 60 miles.

ion 1
ion 2
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ion 5
ion 6
ion 7

[Thanks TOM]

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