Involution Billiard Table by Jason Farsia curls for style

billiard table poHJv 5784
These days, playing a sport is not only limited to your skills and expertise. Opulence and style have crept in to this field and are ruling the scenario since. How else can you explain the form of the Involution Billiard Table? Designed by Jason Farsia, it is believed to be inspired by form of Bugatti Veyron and also the Bird of Paradise flower. It is much noticeable that outstanding Billiard platform has taken its cues from the famed sports car, but then how does it relate to the uniquely shaped tropical flower. The designer needs to divulge more on this for sure. However this game table stands true to its name as the parts curls inwards for a more soft and un-obstructive experience. I can definitely lend a bit of advice to Jason though. Since he claims that it is silhouetted akin to the much sought-after Bugatti Veyron, why hasn’t he drenched in the most famous Bugatti combi of black and deep maroon. Don’t you think that it would render more sophistication?

Though not much is mentioned about this distinctly designed Billiard Table, I’m sure the images will do its share of talking.

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