Invisible Streetlight will light up the streets without soiling the nature

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At the first sight you might just think that a bunch of fireflies have arranged themselves on a tree branch along the street. Albeit, the creation drew its inspiration from nature, it’s man-made. Known for accrediting out-of-the-box concepts and eco-friendly designs, the International Design Excellence Awards ’08 has applauded this piece of innovation which could change the face of streetlights in near future.

designzen streetlight02 9hyjJ 18562The brain behind Invisible Streetlight is Jongoh Lee. With no poles for support and eco-friendly shape, this source of light could just be twisted around a tree branch. Parks and outskirts of cities is where this would be used, as streelights with robust poles spoil the scenery. It works by trapping sun’s energy in the day time and then utilizing it during nights when the sun is off for rest.
designzen streetlight03 R9oIA 18562

Gearfuse via Ecofriend

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