Intuitive Chess Set simplifies the game of chess

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Chess is usually considered a mind game and requires a thought process on part of the players before making each move, therefore it takes a lot of effort and time to master the classical game. Inspired by the move of each chess piece, designer Reggie Wilson has come up with an innovative chess set that help novice chess players remember the moves better to master the game. Hailed as “Intuitive Chess Set,” the new chessboard includes the pieces indicating their line of action with their expressive heads. The top and base of the chess pieces are made of Lucite (same material as the iPod). The pillars that separate the top and base of the pieces are made of glass, while the board is made of glass with a frosted checker pattern on the top side of the chess set. The underside of the board is painted black underneath the frosted checker pattern. The height of the pieces indicates their importance in the game. With the Intuitive Chess Set, chess will not remain a complicated game anymore.

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[Thanks Reggie]

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