Intra-home Portable Communication Device makes intercoms fun and friendly

Be it our homes or our workplace, intercoms have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, their unappealing and industrial looks prevent them from being becoming a part of the decor or serve as a decorative object. This is where a gadget like the Intra-home Portable Communication Device by designer Christopher Santos can serve as a real breath of fresh air.


The device is created in a friendly and desirable form that will allow the gadget to be placed on a work desk, a kitchen counter or even on the mantle. The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity that allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in the house or office and doesn’t need to be mounted to a wall with a wired unit. The Intra-home Portable Communication Device also doubles up as a glowing lamp light that can function as a mood light or a night light.

A soft rubber button placed at the top of the device lights up to indicate an incoming call. Decal touch sensitive buttons located at the left and right sides of the device serve as volume buttons and the egg-shaped device features an incoming call speaker and microphone to facilitate two-way communication. The Intra-home Portable Communication Device also comes with non-skid pads on the charging dock. The device features no exposed electrical components which make it safe for use even when there are small children at home.

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