Interandem to ensure better social interactions for urban commuters

Shanghai is one of the most populated cities in the world with a population of more than 23 million. Due to high population density, the streets are crowded and noisy. To overcome this hustle, designer Zhang Ming Yang has come up with an innovative idea that he calls as Interandem. The designer says that due to the advancements in medicine, older people will become more active in next 35 years, which implies that more space in family cars would be required. Interandem is designed keeping in mind the needs of modern Shanghai. Also due to the development in network people will make fewer communications.


The most interesting thing about the design is its entrance system. The passengers enter the vehicle through its entrance integrated wheels. Passengers can interact with other Interandems and can go across the other connected vehicles. This would altogether bring a new travel experience. Several social activities like meetings etc. can be achieved through its 360 degree rotating seats and lifting platform. Its internal trim parts show that it uses OLED technology to light rendering. The screen on the front panel can be used to adjust the seat, the lighting system and the whole inner atmosphere.

Interandem would provide a larger volume and support various social interactive activities. Bigger space would enable easy storage and would offer a better traveling experience altogether. This vehicle would certainly change the face of Shanghai, making it a better place to live. We can expect to see this concept vehicle in the upcoming 35 years. Designers would certainly dig this design and work towards something more interesting and innovative. Once produced, this vehicle would definitely become an eye candy in other hi-tech cities like Beijing and Tokyo.

Via: Michelin Challenge Design

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