Intelligent Iron comes with charging pad to avoid messy wires

Who knew that someday the desire to have a smooth tidy sweep of iron over your clothes without getting messed up with intertwined wires would make the design of Intelligent Iron possible? This easy-to-use device, designed in Forma Studio situated in Copenhagen, operates wirelessly without the use of messy charging wire. It comes with the feature of built-in steam and you just have to activate the feature by pressing the iron. The iron has been designed using induction coil charging technology.

Intelligent iron

The design has been created keeping male users in mind. It is quite handy and could be heat adjusted without making much effort. You simply have to select the preferred clothing type and it automatically detects fabric consistency. Transparent side of the iron helps to check out water level inside the built-in water tank. Steam vents are spread uniformly all over the surface of the iron and you just have to press the sides to make it steam. Its plain design makes it uncomplicated to use.

It comes with a charging pad that works with induction coil technology and uses electromagnetic field to transfer energy without the need of providing fussy wires with the iron. You just have to place Intelligent iron on this induction pad to charge it. For easy use, its smart knob features shirt, boxers, t-shirt, silk, wool, synthetic written on it, so that even if you do not know about the fabric used, you can still manage to iron your clothes.

Source: Forma Studio

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