Inspirational kitchen technologies to adorn futuristic homes

The concept:

When thinking of remodeling a space, a kitchen is almost always the last place to spring in our minds. But, modern times have made kitchen area one of the central points of the house where all the family members meet and spend time. Gone are the days, when the kitchen was just used for eating and cooking. It has now become an area to socialize and connect, hence making it one of the most utilitarian places of the house. This makes it essential to fashion it in a way that will make the area complete in every sense, from cooking meals to getting entertained. There is something for everyone, like fold out kitchens for small spaces and luxury designs for villas. So, it’s time you get inspired by modern day designs and make your kitchen look super cook with by playing around with new ideas.

Kitchen Technology

The Inspiration:

Increase in population has shrunken household spaces in cities, which in turn has also affected the size of kitchens. Modern technology has further shrunken the world and people get inspired from different parts of the globe when it comes to remodeling their living spaces. Almost everyone is busy in their lives and hence look out for products that are easy to use and bow down to all their needs without consuming a lot of time. A kitchen has become a common meeting place, where family members spend some healthy time together. This has forced people to introduce various appliances and gadgets that match up to their needs, which also include entertainment.

Where we are now:

The kitchen, in recent times, has become the heart of the home. Modern day designs not only club in an array of activities, like cooking, dining, entertaining and working, to name a few but also provide a lot of comfort like any other room of the house. Changing times have changed the way kitchens were used, which is evident from the new breed of appliances and designs that come smothered with new features.

What makes it stand out?

How about owning a refrigerator that will robotically scan all that is present inside it and tell you everything from expiry dates to the weight of the product? Don’t get stunned, as this is just a glimpse of what futuristic kitchens will contain. Computers will travel from our workplaces to kitchen, where one won’t have to rush to the other room just to learn a new recipe. Smart appliances will make life easy, as people will be able to access hundreds of recipes while cooking meals. Refrigerators will come fitted with LCDs and will display all the food contents. Voice activated technologies will let you operate different appliances without having to manually going and setting time or temperature. Simply command and see the appliance kneel down to whatever you say. Another staggering feature in the futuristic kitchens will be inter-connectivity, which will allow you to connect all the appliances with each other. This will make all the appliances work together via a wireless network. A lot of interesting features have surfaced and many more will be added to the list, making futuristic kitchens nothing less than a magic wand.

Where do we go from here?

Saving energy and water has become a prerequisite in this eco conscious world, where people are leaving no stones unturned to save whatever they can. Such awareness will see futuristic appliances, which are all the more energy efficient and use clean water efficiently. Apart from this, the kitchens will be designed in a way that also minimizes air pollution and encourages recycling materials. This will bring down the carbon footprint and save the world from the clutches of pollution. There will be more choose from and people will get a lot of options when it comes to picking green appliances for their homes. These will either consume less power or make good use of energy from the sun or wind. Sustainable power consumption and sensible use of technology will make futuristic kitchens a true blessing.

Related trends:

1. Kitchen with 3D design technology

3D design technology

3D design technology for kitchens is surely unique and is much more than what meets the eye. It will display realistic 3D images of the kitchen, which is definitely impressive. You will be able to pick from various counter tops, sinks, kitchen cabinets, which will be made as per your requirements and taste. 3D design technology will give you the power to create virtual kitchens, which will let you view the kitchen from various angles before narrowing down on that perfect design.

2. Oniris futuristic kitchen blends style with technology

Oniris futuristic kitchen

Oniris futuristic kitchen is definitely class apart. It not only looks stylish, but is fully functional as it comes fitted with latest in terms of technology. The design will fit well in small sized apartments as it won’t take up a lot of space and still provide everything. The central working unit fetches all the attention as it can also be used for washing, cooking, dining and even as a storage area. It is dipped in technology with features like motion sensor camera and a projector that will put on show recipes and images right on the counter top.

3. IKEA’s ultra efficient smart kitchen

Ultra efficient smart kitchen

IKEA’s kitchen of the future, the SKARP has been created keeping the year 2040 in mind. It will come fitted with hi tech gizmos, which will leave you amazed. The most striking part will be the food growing shelf that won’t require soil. Right from energy efficient systems to technologies like self cleaning kitchen counters, the future sure looks very promising.

4. Exotic Kitchen Design Made by Snaidero

Exotic Kitchen Design

Ola 20 will be the right thing for a contemporary setup. It is aesthetically appealing and comes injected with all the modern traits, which will make cooking a fun activity. The kitchen will have a neat look and promises to take care of all your needs that too in a stylish way.

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