Innovative toilets that let you pee in public hygienically


Unhygienic public toilets usually forces people to pee either on a wall or around a tree, spreading awful odor in the environment. People willingly or unwillingly might not refute nature’s call and indulge in the iniquitous yet indispensable practice of peeing on a wall, or a tree for that matter, resulting in dreadful odor and unhygienic atmosphere on the streets. Have a look at some of the most unique public toilets that may look a bit indecent from the outskirt, but they definitely helps in preserving the environment.

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Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo has come up with a public urinal concept dubbed “Axixa” (urine in Nahuatl) that will help in maintaining the cleanliness in the streets. Featuring the shape that a leak leaves on a wall, the public ceramic urinal generates a permanent mark in public streets or places where people can urinate and participate in a manifestation in which the disposal itself becomes part of the public life. Read more


pee tree fnfsi 17621

The “Pee-Tree” by Joa Herrenknecht provides another hygienic way of peeing on the streets. Featuring an abstract form and dimension of a tree, the Pee-Tree is finished in bright white ceramic, so it could easily be seen from distance in urgent situations. After you are relieved, the urine is directly flushed down to the underground sewage canal to avoid the odor. Read more

Wheelie Bin Urinal

wheelie bin urinal 01 k9f54 17621

Designer Stephan Bischof has just popped an experimental installation called “Wheelie Bin Urinal” to create public awareness of the common problem of public urination. Completed under the MACP Designrat Project, the bin urinal explores way outs to facilitate the legal act of urinating in public in designated areas. Read more


p tree 01 qdmvz 17621

Designer Sam van Veluw has come up with a simple yet effect solution that encourages people to pee in public places but without harming or polluting the surroundings. The “P-Tree,” as the designer hails his design, is essentially a simple pee pot tied to a tree, or poles for that matter, which is connected to sewerage lines with pipes to add some decency and hygiene to your peeing in public places. Read more

Transparent public toilet

transparent toilet from oloom 5965

The Transparent public toilet is made of Cristal liquid glass that becomes opaque when the door is locked. This is indeed a great design from Oloom. Read more

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