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Innovative Protector Concept reimagines road safety for cyclists

The Cyclist Protector Concept was created for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, which asked designers to create a bicycle accessory or a bicycle though the creator of this concept went on to do one better and created a way that could ensure a cyclist’s safety on the road. Created by designer Jakab Barna in collaboration with Andras Oravecz, the concept basically comprises of a flexible and comfortable cyclist helmet that can provide optimum comfort with the utmost safety.

Cyclist Protector

The main component in the creation of the helmet is an easy to produce substance called the Non Newtonian Gel, which remains in a soft and flexible gel form under normal circumstances but changes into a protective solid upon impact. The two part protection system comprises of a helmet and a vest. During the night, the high visibility vest helps other motorists on the road to identify the cyclist via light reflective coating on the vest that glows when the light from other vehicle’s falls on it.

A welded plastic element inside the breathing textile fabric of the vest also delivers the same light reflecting function while providing a comfortable and protective covering for the cyclist’s torso, spine, neck and shoulders. Thanks to the flexible materials used in the Cyclist Protector concept, the hood can be easily taken off while the flexible material used in the collapsible helmet, i.e., the non Newtonian gel enables protection for critical body parts while allowing free movements to the user’s limbs, neck and spine.

[Thanks Jakab]

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