Innovative packing for a ball makes soccer merchandizing greener

Currently, most boxes used to pack soccer balls are square in shape which means that the buyer often has to ask the store for a carry bag to carry the boxed soccer ball in. This creates additional and totally unnecessary waste which can easily be avoided by the use of an ergonomic method of packing like the ‘packing for a ball’ created by designer Ilya Avakov.

Packing for a ball

For a global sport like football (or soccer, as our friends from across the Atlantic like to call it), maintaining a high level of sustainable in the way it retails its merchandise can be very difficult. Since the sport is popular and played in almost every country and continent on the planet, a huge amount of waste is created in the process of packaging, promoting and marketing the balls used in the sport itself.

Since the box or tin packaging that the ball comes in is of no use to the user after they unbox the ball, the package is instantly thrown in the trash. The innovative cardboard packaging is made of cardboard, which makes it very economical to manufacture for brands and also makes it very easy to recycle for users. The simple fold-up design of the packaging allows the soccer ball to be held in place firmly, while the cut-out handle allows it to be easily carried around as well.

The recyclable packing can be made fancier by using cotton laces that can be customized with club and country colors and the packing can also bear brand logos in eco friendly paints.

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