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The trend of working from home is catching up and many people have adopted this lifestyle. This has triggered off a demand for desks, cubicles and counters that can be placed inside the house and used as workstations. Such spaces afford privacy when y

Innovative home office design ideas

The trend of working from home is catching up and many people have adopted this lifestyle. This has triggered off a demand for desks, cubicles and counters that can be placed inside the house and used as workstations. Such spaces afford privacy when you are working. Most have an ergonomic built and nifty layout, which helps enormously to curtail disruptions that usually arise when you are working from home. A few such workstations have been compiled below.


Wheel this foldaway office to any spot you want. You can easily watch over kids, gardener or maid while working on this foldable workstation. The mobile cart can be disbaned into a fully equipped office consisting of two chairs, one table, storage cabinet, lights and an electric connection. When folded, the office looks like a box that measures 1500 x 400 x 1200mm. It is made of polystyrene and features hotspray polyurea coating on the top. It is a creation of the Dutch designer Tim Vinke and has been conceived keeping starting entrepreneurs in mind.

Bubbly terrestrial office

The sci-fi design is the brainchild of Christian Pottgiesser and has been built for two French companies Pons and Huot. The spacious layout of the office, done up with oak wood and steel trimmings, has been aggrandized with plants that lend the place a refreshing vibe. The dome shaped Plexiglas desk curb noise but do not restrict the view. Each dome has a diameter of 1.8 meters and conceals a meeting room right below its floor space. The office also has a recreational room, kitchen and rest rooms.

Meir’s modular home office

Built to function like a secluded cabin, this one is for the hardcore workaholics who like to forget everything while working. This new age modular office shed is energy efficient and very comfy. You just have to order factory built quadrants from the company and then you can assemble them in any desired shape. A watertight rubber seal secures each quadrant tightly with those next to it. Any number of modules can be ordered depending upon how much space you want your home office to occupy.

Paramount foldaway home office

Resembling a cupboard from outside, this is another office that can fold away. This piece, with straight lines and a clean finish is for people who like minimalism. It has wheel so that you can cart it around your home. Also, there is a lock fitted that protects all the documents stashed inside. It is a convenient working space with all basic facilities like shelves, seats, desks, LED lights and electric outlets. Dubbed as Paramount, the workstation is available in two finishes of wood and aluminum.


Yet another mobile workstation but this one has an extremely riveting and cutting edge design. The ovular exterior of this office is inspired from the shape of a flower bud. The fiberglass finished plastic globe splits in the middle to divide “BUD” into a chair and a desk. This nifty piece is a right blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. Though shaped like a small egg, sitting inside will not make you feel crabbed. The seat is real snug and the table is adjustable. It has been drafted by the UK based artist, Won Shik Yu.

Tetra Shed

A conical office shelter inside your home will definitely look real catchy. This den will demarcate your workspace from rest of the house. There is an ample of legroom inside the office to move around. Look outside the den through the windows fitted at eye level. The interiors are quite spacious, so you can fit in quite a lot of equipments and all office paraphernalia can be stashed in the roomy overhead compartment. This is a customizable cubicle that can be constructed using a number of single modules and is available in a range of hues from RalColor. It is crafted using plywood, steel, zinc and copper.

LAU mobile office

This is a revolutionary design with a Hot Desking Concept, which facilitates intermingling among coworkers. The flexible design allows workers to be mobile and easily interact with each other. Designed by Fauvel Khan, the office bagged the first spot at the 2007 Ffress awards by OrangeBox. This desk has enough space to stash away your supplies.

Coffee office workstation

This portable office cubicle will definitely woo all the coffee addicts out there. It is carved out in shape of a giant coffee mug that rifts open from middle when you want to enter and closes when you are inside. Moreover, there is a programmable coffee maker with which you can prepare your daily caffeine fix in a slew of flavors. The compact booth created by the Brazilian designer Lucas Vieira packs in a laptop counter, touch sensitive screen, light emitting keyboard and Wi-Fi system.

Lavoro coffee table

This stylish and comfortable office setup will be appreciated by those who like working sitting on a bench. The gear consists of two flat benches under which two small stools have been stashed. Just slide out the smaller bench and place it on top of another bench to convert the setup into a work desk. It has been crafted beautifully in black with aluminum edging made up of IRT recycled by Jon Zayat.


This prefab office booth has a compact and neat look. The boxed structure has round edges and glass wall on one side for cherishing outside view. There is a desk inside and ample of storage space. It also takes care of lighting, power, ventilation and can be heated as well as cooled easily. Designed to be an open air office, this one retails for $7100.

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