Innovative Macbook concepts we wish to be real

In terms of the design and the aesthetic value of IT wares, there is little dispute that Apple create some of the finest and most creative design for their products that few or no other competitors can match. Over the years, product concept designs by hardcore Apple fans began to surface as Apple started to stand out among its competitors. Although these designs are not going to be marketed as actual products, it reflects the deepest wishes of die-hard Apple fans. Here is a fine compilation of some of the best, coolest and most creative Apple concept designs created by fans.

MacBook And Mac Mini Concept

MacBook mini is a smart concept design goes one further to make MacBooks smaller. It features a foldable trackpad which saves up the space when you are not using the keyboard. One other mockup of the MacBook mini by the same designer is a sliding trackpad, which sounds like a better idea than the foldable one.

Mac Mini is super-slim concept design of the actual Apple Mac Mini. It has all the features of the original machine but is a lot slimmer. Connect the Mac Mini to a Apple LED displays and you will have a powerful Multimedia computer in-front of you.

MacBook 3D concept

The concept, put together by a certain Tai Chiem, is filled with all sorts of AppleSpeak: “Welcome to the ‘real’ world;” “More cores, more power;” “stunningly beautiful,” and so on. The main draw, of course, is the 3D screen. You’d need a pair of 3D glasses to take advantage of the third-dimension—unlike the Nintendo 3DS—but then you’re off and running. Add in a 3D iSight and you’re golden. Another, non-3D feature: a hinge-less design between the screen and keyboard.

MacBook Touch with Flexible OLED technology

The core of this concept is a technology called iSpine. Like the spine of a book, the tech avoid excessive compression on the screen, yet allows the laptop to sit in multiple viewing positions. Go from a normal laptop with screen and touch screen board – to a large widescreen canvas for drawing, presentation or movie watching. To keep everything minimal, ports like power, the mini display, and additional USB are externalized on a “Magic Dock” to keep most of the laptop slim and clean of an array of holes and plugs.

Apple Mac-tribook Concept

The tribook has exactly what the name and the picture suggest, it has three screens. One is the regular laptop-style screen and the other two can be folded to save the space when they are not in use. It is possible that the fordable screens use the Apple’s patented transparent screen technology, that way when they are folded – it can still be used a simple Macbook too.

MacBook Mini concept

Concept is to discard the drawbacks which a iMac mini user would nark about the owned machine. And the mark about the Mac Mini is the I/O ports. This concept design makes the ports reachable easily and the V-shape design makes sure that it will remain cool while you are using it. That’s because the hot air will pass through the legs instead respiring from back lying on the top.

Digi-roll Macbook Concept

Though many cool designs have been offered for the laptops of the future but digital roll is really awesome and unique concept designed by Hao Hua. D Roll Laptop can be considers as “next generation laptop design,” as it does away with the book-like form factor in favor of one mimicking an artist’s scroll. Whether or not something like this will even be possible in the near future seems to matter less when you look at how much effort Hua put in the design. Though it’s just a concept but the design is inspiring and would definitely catch the eyes of other designers wishing to create a better-looking and practical laptop. If this hits the market, it would be swept off the shelves in no time.

MacBook in 2020

Envisage a computer nearly paper thin, able to shape shift from metal to plastic. Thanks to molecular manufacturing, a micro-lattice nano material enables you to shrink the dimensions to fit into your pocket. Nanotechnology miniaturizes familiar technologies into thin sheets of composites, each serving a separate function. One layer is photo voltaic for infinite battery life. One layer projects ultrasound waves for tactile feedback. Another layer works like a pelican cam to capture the real world in 3D while a separate layer works like a holographic emitter. And of course, everything is wireless. No ports, no cables.

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