Innovative lock designs to protect your belongings

Keeping things secure can prove to be quite a tedious task. In this modern world, people want everything to come caked with uniqueness. Locks are being crafted in an innovative and exclusive way that attracts people towards them like a magnet. Here is a list of eight innovative lock designs that will protect your belongings in a smart way.

The most offensive bicycle lock

Bicycles are a great way to get around the city and are quite light in weight. This lightweight trait attracts a lot of thieves and uncountable bikes get stolen every year irrespective of the fact that they are locked. Keeping this stealing trait in mind, Michael Lambourn has designed a lock that will push thieves in a vulnerable state. When someone tries to cut this lock, it explodes and the color inside it paints the thief and definitely irritates him/her. So, keep your bike safe and secure with this unusual bike lock.

Puzzle and security in one brass package

The Impossible Lock will impress people who love solving puzzles. The lock is accompanied by a key and traits to spin your brain in no time. The ingeniously crafted lock has been made using brass and has a weight of 635 grams. It measures 106mm in length and comes stashed with a price tag of £139.99. Impossible Lock has been crafted in an impressive manner and looks very attractive. It is a little too secretive and will make you scratch your brains to give away the mystery it comes shrouded with. One has to go through a lot of steps to finally unlock it. But, if you are impatient and puzzles make you nervous then make good use of the set of instructions that come along.

Refrigerator Lock Up Keeps Out Freeloaders

Are you sick and tired of food loving friends who come and raid your refrigerators the moment they enter your house? Then this false lock is something that will keep food safe inside the fridge and take care of your hunger pangs. The lock features a thick chain and a big lock that has been wedged with magnets. When need arises simply place the lock with magnets on the fridge and remove it later without any extra effort. So, lock all your favorite puddings and ice creams without a key that too at just $10.99.

Word Password Combination Lock

If you are comfortable using passwords for your emails, then this Word Password Combination Lock will be a perfect fit in your life. Christened the Master Lock 1524D Word Password Combination Lock, the password can be customized as per a user’s convenience. You can choose from thousands of combinations and set a 3 letter or 1 digit combination. The lock is two and a half inches wide and can be picked from a variety of colors. It also has a shackle that has been crafted using steel that makes the overall design quite strong.

USB Cap Lock Aims To Protect

Pen drives are a great way to save important data and information. Sadly, the only hitch is that anyone can easily access the information stored in the thumb drive. Thanko is out with a USB Cap Lock that vows to keep the entire information safe without the fear of someone accessing it. It is a three digit combination lock and will keep people away from snooping around. The lock is pretty funky and a great addition to keep important files protected.

Liquor Lock

Invest $15 in the Liquor Lock and keep a check on your teenagers in terms of liquor consumption at home. The lock comes with a three digit combination and expands when used. The device is pretty interesting but make sure that your teenage child is not filled with rage that may lead to broken bottles at home.

Baby Gear – Magnetic Door Locks

Baby Gear-Magnetic Door Locks are ideal for contemporary kitchens and can be skillfully concealed inside the drawer/cupboard. It has a magnetic key that will release the lock when it is passed on the outré surface of the cupboard/drawer. Simply countersink a magnet on the inside and leave people guessing why isn’t the cupboard/drawer opening.

Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad

Here is an electronic lock that has been blessed with good looks. Master Lock Electronic Deadbolt with Light Up Keypad spins like many other locks and will keep things protected. Unlike other locks that have a small motor, this electronic lock features a pin that won’t consume much juice and the batteries inside will last for a long time.

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