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Basement is an important but often underutilized section of a house. Mostly, people overlook the basement and use it simply for storage purposes. But with some tricks and strategies you can use your basement for more than storage purposes. In fact, with l

Innovative basement design ideas to utilize your deserted home space

Basement is an important but often underutilized section of a house. Mostly, people overlook the basement and use it simply for storage purposes. But with some tricks and strategies you can use your basement for more than storage purposes. In fact, with little planning, you can decorate your basement and make it your living room, bedroom or movie/media area. Here, we have combined some simple but creative basement design ideas that can help you utilize your space more efficiently and effectively. Have a look.

Basement Bar Design ideas

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a guy who loves to have friends at his home on Friday’s, a basement bar can serve you well. Utilize your basement by making it an extravagant and innovative bar. Add beer taps and beer tap handles. Buy wine tables and use them to decorate your basement with your favorite and exquisite wine collection. Or else use an unused closet to keep your alcohol collection. Take out your old fridge and use it to chill your beers for a party with your best buddies. A basement bar can serve well for those men who want to have the fun of bar but don’t want to deal with unnecessary hassles and crowds at the bar. So, try some basement bar ides like cellars, bar taps and closets and invite your buddies for a Friday fun night!

Basement Home Theater ideas

For most of the people, getting a home theater in the comforts of their home is cherished dream. But most of them feel that home theater is a lavish idea and they probably don’t have a luxurious space to make this dream a reality. But it’s high time that you think outside the box. Your basement can be a home theater. While it might not sound as the best idea, but think again. Basement is a place which has minimal natural light and is free from noise pollution which can provide the perfect chimera for watching movies and playing video games. Measure your basements and consult a professional to provide you the best stereo and visual equipment for the room. Keep aesthetic and minimal lighting for the theater effect. Once the set up is done, have fun and watch movies any time at your own personal theater.

Finishing basement design ideas

If you have a large family or you feel that your house is small, then you can transform your basement in a living area by finishing it. Your basement can severe a variety of amusing functions and you can transform them into recreation room, gym, office or family room. In fact, you can even turn them into bedrooms and bathrooms. The best thing is that finishing a cellar is more cheap and affordable than other floors in your home. Plan from a financial viewpoint and consider factors such as existing pipes, roof height and water systems. Install efficient lighting that provides a warm, cozy ambivalence to your basement. Installing a bathroom can be a little difficult and burdensome so move ahead with caution. Making your basement a recreational room can be quite fun and entertaining.

Basement Floor design ideas

When you are ready to transform your basement, why not change the floor paint and look of it too. After all, concrete floors in the basement can be strained and may appear worn out or dreary. So, epoxy basement floors can provide your designer and beautiful flooring that will allow you to move around easily. Epoxy provides durable and tough finish to the concrete flooring to enable heavy foot traffic. It will make your basement more visually appealing and will also provide a more usable environment. It will also protect your flooring from stains and cracks. When compared to other floor systems like tile, hardwood and carpets, this method is cheaper and not heavy on the pocket. If you are ready to use your basement for different purposes, then this flooring idea can help you maintain your cellar’s durability and attractiveness.

Indoor bridge basement design ideas

Some people want their house to reflect creativity, ingenuity and uniqueness. If you are one of those people, then make sure that your basement looks as unique and as well designed as the rest of your house. For this you can have an indoor bridge in your basement. This indoor bridge is not only beautiful but also romantic. The design is contemporary and chic. Have a gray stone wall with Gothic appeal along with serenity and contrast it with sandy flooring in neutral color to provide lightness to the space. The indoor bridge shall be the main part of the design and must be kept simple with varnished wood slats, with sleek silver railings. The medieval grandeur of the bridge with modern design will make your basement look elegant and classy. So, take a stroll after dinner at your own indoor bridge.

Basement Design by Delfina Falcao

Your basement can be a home in a home. With basement design by Delfina Falcao, you turn your deserted basement into an elegant home with a games room, bar, a home theater system and a gym. This design incorporates beautiful artwork along with custom glass counter tops from Delfina Falcao. The overall design is quite vibrant and consists of eye catchy details. The dry wall niches along with custom millwork, a glass block partition and contrasting colors will make your basement livelier. A laundry room can also be added if you wish. Most importantly, the doors would be flat panels in walnut colors.

Basement design ideas by Candice Olsen

A dull, deserted basement can actually be a cool and colorful hangout for your friends and family. Thanks to Candice Olsen, you can transform your basement into something that is creative, innovative and chic. You can get the designed hangout for your basement that includes rust grass cloth and yellow walls that will make your basement more warm and inviting. Keep an L-shaped sectional with textured pillows to make your basement look more personalized and well detailed. Use recessed lights to brighten up the place. You can also transform your basement into something rustic or a modern retreat with new fixtures and perfect paneling. You can also make it a playful retreat for your kids by making it bright and colorful playroom with loads of toys.

Basement Den ideas

Basement can be your own den, a place where you can relax without any stress and tensions of your life. Or you can make it your home office area if you don’t want to use the main floor of the house as your office. This den can be away from the noisier parts of the house and you can read in here or have a cigar room. If you are going to make it into a den, then have simple, elegant colors on the walls, have a recliner or a spa chair along with bookshelves and a nice table. The closets must be attractive so that you can use them for multiple purposes. Don’t add too many gadgets or electronics to your den because it should give you some personal time without the electronics and other modern use products.

Basement Remodeling ideas

Remodeling your basement and turning it into something useful and functional can be quite tricky. So, before you decide to remodel your basement, take few issues into account like whether your basement is water proof or not, how you will have lighting in your basement since it doesn’t have windows and want kind of flooring, walls and ceilings will it need. Once all these factors are taken into account, you must start with renovation. Make sure that you visualize about how you want the things to look. This will give you a fair idea of about what you should do. Also, think about how you want to use this basement, like you want it for your hangout or you want your kids to have a large playroom for themselves. This will tell you exactly what you require.

Royal Castle themed of small basement Interior Design

If you have a small family with little kids and your basement is not huge, then this theme castle basement design can be a haven for you and your kids. This castle themed basement includes play space along with a regal looking bench that provides more storage options. The adult side of the basement includes cozy and modern ambiance that reflect style and elegance. The wooden framing and dark satin provides the medieval look to the basement.

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