Informer on your wrist for what you should resist

Various concerns like unbalanced diet, food contamination, subsidized farming, poor circulation, GMOcrops, etc. can prove hazardous to our existence. The need of the hour is to design a product that would provide crucial information regarding food and enhance the grocery shopping experience. The aim of the design was to create a physical device that would allow physical interaction with all food items. Earlier the design of the “Food Informer” was proposed in form of a tablet but it did not consider ergonomics therefore, a band-shaped design was finalized taking all factors into consideration.

Food Informer

Various test models were made in order to enhance the shopping experience and user testing helped to focus on every important aspect of the Food Informer. It has SMA i.e. Shape Memory Alloy that auto forms around the user’s wrist for adjustable fitting, enabling the user to manually adjust the fitting to desired tightness. Fin logs onto user’s profile and synchronize for shopping details like preferences, shopping lists, food allergies, etc. It also has a high accuracy local positioning system that allows the user to locate the desired product. Route is calculated to suit the user’s shopping habits.

Once the user is within the reach of the desired product, the food informer switches to the product information mode where it actively tracks the user’s eye movement and retina scan. It then configures location with LPS and reads the information off the internet with RFID code obtained on the product. Since each item is tracked and recorded by the Food Informer, an automatic payment system could be set up to reduce waiting in queues. Thus, development of the Food Informer would solve a lot many problems that we encounter in day-to-day grocery shopping.

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