Which are the best industrial designs concepts according to you?

Which are the best industrial designs concepts according to you? Can you explain me about atleast ten of them in a detailed manner? I really need to know about it intricately for my report but don’t have enough time to research on it. Will you please help me out? Why did they gain so much popularity? What are the things that we, the new generation studying it can learn from them?

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  1. Hi, this subject industrial design is so vast and extended that it is practically impossible to give you the details what you have asked here. The space here is short enough to explain the whole thing to you. But, I can help you by providing the ten best industrial design concepts according to my research. Industrial designs mean practically everything from the tooth brush we use in the dawn to the bed we sleep in the night. In between, each and everything is some kind of industrial product and belongs to some kind of industry. A well designed product always attracts a customer. It goes beyond his or her expectations. Thus a communication or bond is formed between the customer and the product. Here is a list of 10 best industrial designs of this era. The list is personal:1. Apple computer and other industrial packages like i pad, i phones, power books etc.2. In construction sector, Seismic Isolation Bearings, this construction design by Dynamic Isolation System is able to help buildings of earthquake prone cities like San Francisco, Tokyo etc. to withstand tremors in a scientific way.3. Sensor razor by Gillete. Its spring mounted, twin blade technology has already been granted 18 patents. It has seen an investment of $200 million already.4. In transportation sector, Hummer by American Motors is perhaps the toughest off highway vehicle. This concept is created to replace jeep.5. TGV or Train de Grand Vitesse of France, which runs at a breakneck speed of 180 mph average and reaches a top speed of 300 mph, is the future of transportation which can break sound barrier.6. In aerial transportation system nothing comes close to the design the super carrier Concord has. It has a perfect aerodynamic shape, superb take off and carrying capability of 100 people among other jetliners.7. SL48 Solar Lantern is the best eco friendly light source so far for purposes like leisure, camping expedition, safari and suitable for use in rural health clinics. 8. In medical design new the CX Ray Imaging System by Integris is quite a revolution.9. In entertainment theme oriented design nothing can be compared with the design and services Walt Disney Group is providing for last few decades.10. The rockets and space shuttles designed by NASA are indeed amazing technological achievements in terms of designs.

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