Indoor hydroponic gardening sculpture grows organic food

hydroponic plant system 1

With the increasing demand for foodstuffs worldwide, growers have been using more synthetic fertilizers to increase the productivity, which is not only causing health hazards for the consumers but the environment as well. Inspired by a DNA molecule, the hydroponic gardening system by Rafael Fernando daSilva and D├ębora Nogueira is an indoor plant organism that provides homegrown organic food for the owners and works as a natural sculpture within the living space, enhancing your health as well as the surroundings.

Based on the NFT hydroponic system, an active process where a solution with nutrients is fed from a deposit to the culture channel, the hydroponic plant system is finished with two vertical metal tubes where the germinated seeds of the plants are placed in small holes around the tubes, while the watering of the plants is controlled with humid air and a steady water flux. Moreover, the system also features a light system, offering ideal lighting conditions according to the requirement of a particular plant.

hydroponic plant system 2
hydroponic plant system 3

Via: Ecofriend

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